The ROI of VA’s
(Virtual Assistants)

Evaluating Real #’s & Money That Are Going to Save You Time So You Can Focus on Your Strengths!

If you feel like you have a never-ending to-do list AND find yourself saying I’ll just do this myself because it’s quick and easy...

THEN … these worksheets are just what you need to use because it’s time to let go so that your business can grow! 

Are you Ready to LET GO so that YOU CAN GROW?

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Understanding How and Where
You Spend Your Time

As a business owner, you likely value your time at $100 per hour.

WHICH MEANS, you need to be extremely mindful of where we spend our time!

  • Your job is to focus on your Secret Sauce (your strengths)
  • Doing the tedious tasks is wasting your time
  • Your Secret Sauce is Creating Content (blogs/pods/vids), Building new Products and Services etc.


Every business needs graphic design. Would you agree? 

You have two options:

1) Do it yourself or 2) Hire it out

Unless your business is actually doing and offering graphic design to your clients, then I’m going to put a stake in the ground and say that we NEED TO LET GO OF DOING DESIGNS ON CANVA! 

Here’s the Math:

Let’s say you spend 1 hour on design (which equals $100 of your time)…

Well, if you hired a graphic design virtual assistant SPECIALIST, then I think it’s fair to say that person could do it in half the time since they are a specialist…

The average rate of a good graphic design VA is around $25 per hour…

Let’s say $30 to be conservative. 

Well, if they are doing it in 30 mins then that means you just paid them $15! … 

AND saved ONE HOUR of your time (which we know your time is worth $100 per hour)... and the best part… now with that one hour you saved you can focus on tasks that directly relate to increasing revenue. You get to focus on your strengths … You Secret Sauce!

Want to learn how to identify these tedious tasks?

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About the Worksheets

You’re going to get 3 worksheets that will help you to uncover the first few tasks you can delegate to virtual assistants.

  1. TIME AUDIT: You’ll use this worksheet to see where you actually spend your time (not where you think you spend your time)
  2. DIVIDE & CONQUER: Simple layout that will prioritize your tasks into easiest to train to hardest.
  3. SKILLS & THRILLS Worksheet: This matrix will be the place you can plug in all your tasks to create a full on plan on how to start working with VA’s.

Hi! I’m Sam but I also go by SwagSam...

In the past 5 years, I have overhauled my business to run itself (while increasing sales year over year) so that I could focus on creating content.

Hiring VA’s to support my business and content I create is the real reason why the Silicon Valley Business Journal named me to their 40 Under 40 List!

Luckily for you, I’ve tested countless ways of working with VA’s over the past 10 years. 

I’ve cracked the code and know how to work with Virtual Assistants efficiently AND effectively. I’m giving you the exact process I use to work with VA’s and it begins with getting your first VA on board quickly with simple tasks.


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