Need Better Designs? (How to Hire VA’s for GRAPHIC DESIGN)

Oct 11, 2019

I’m a visual person (and a marketer) and that’s exactly why I LOVE graphic designers!

Unfortunately, graphic design is expensive … and yes, there are great online tools like Canva that can help you build your designs easily. I don’t know about you — but, I don’t want to spend my time creating graphics on Canva or anywhere else. Truthfully, my biggest strengths are in writing, speaking (podcasting), creating videos, building my business… building businesses in general (and brands).

Honestly, I look for weaknesses of mine and you should too! The truth is when hiring VA’s, we need to be hiring for our weaknesses so that our weaknesses become our biggest strength!

Steve Jobs said it best, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”. I hire Virtual Assistants to turn my Biggest Weaknesses into my Biggest Strengths!

For example, I don’t know how to edit videos or even edit audio. Yet, I have over 200 podcast episodes recorded and over 30 videos on YouTube because I work with VA’s behind the scenes to do the editing.

Hiring VA’s to support my business and content I create is the real reason why the Silicon Valley Business Journal named me to their 40 Under 40 List! In the past 5 years, I have overhauled my business to run itself (while increasing sales year over year) so that I could focus on creating content.

VA’s have supported me in every way imaginable in my journey of launching 4 podcasts, writing 3 books, and hosting 2 YouTube shows all in less than 3 years.

People throw around the word “Game Changer” all the time. Learning to work with Virtual Assistants is truly a GAME CHANGER!

Are You Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant?!

Okay, so honestly hiring VA’s is super simple. The hard part is scaling (and in future posts we’ll address scaling). For now, let’s focus on hiring…

Here’s the HOW:

  1. Create an Account on FreeeUp. I’ve tried countless VA agencies and FreeeUp is by far my favorite for 3 reasons. First, FreeeUp is a boutique agency so you are just a call away from the owner. Secondly, FreeeUp matches you with VA’s. They take the time to understand what you’re looking for and match you with just 2–3 VA’s that fit what you need! AND finally… FreeeUp backs up their word. They keep their marketplace elite, so that they can attract and retain the top VA talent.
  2. Decide Which Task First: Decide what type of design project you are hiring for and create a quick Job Description. You don’t need to get fancy. After you create your account in FreeeUp, you’ll see how easy it is to type in your request. I wouldn’t even bother writing up a formal job description in a google doc for now. Just login to FreeeUp and answer their Q’s. It literally takes minutes.
  3. Hiring: Conduct your interview with your recommended VA’s similarly to how you would if you would hire a new employee. When you bring on your VA, give them just a small task. In fact, give them a tiny task! What you’re looking for is their communication style, quality of work, and anything else that is important to you. Start with small and simple tasks so that you can give your VA feedback on how to best work with you from the get go. As you get more comfortable, then proceed with the BIG PROJECTS.
  4. SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures): Always ask your VA’s to document the process. Ask your VA’s to document what they do as they do it. You are going to need this as you scale your business.

Wanna Learn More?

Click here for my FREE Guide that’ll show you 3 Tasks to outsource to VA’s quick and easily! AND as a special bonus, you’ll get my worksheet that helps to uncover some of the most time-sucking tasks you do on a daily basis. Trust me, you’ll be surprised when you see how much time you spend on some tasks ;)

Just wanna talk more and brainstorm? Hit me up ([email protected]). I’m here for you, we’re in this together and I know you can do it!

Working with VA’s has truly changed my life (and my business) for the better!

To Hiring & Gettin’ Goin’,
Sam AKA SwagSam

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