Hey. You new here?

Welcome! My name’s Sam (aka SwagSam), and I’m super pumped that you’re here.

I’ve been working with VA’s for over 5 years now, and this site is where I share my stories, tips and tricks that I’ve learned, and of course my services, in the hope that you too might be inspired to work less and make more, to live life and be a better you!

As it’s your first time here, I’ve put together a few links below to help you get acquainted with my site. You’ll find podcasts, blogs, masterclasses and a bunch of freebies too.

For any questions, feel free shoot me an email. Enjoy!

My Podcasts

Go here to listen to my podcast where you’ll learn who a Virtual Assistant (VA) is, why you need one and tasks you give them, amongst many other things. I recommend starting with the pilot here.

ROI Calculator

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a VA but are unsure if the cost is worth it, my ROI calculator will shed some light on the subject for you. I also did a pod on this topic!


Go here for a full list of all the freebies I have available for you. If you don’t know where to start, download the "3 Essential Ways to Work Less & Make More with Virtual Assistants" to get started.

My Online Course

If you’re already convinced you need a VA and you want to learn more, then sign up for my online course here!

My Mastermind

OK, so you’ve got this but you want a more personalized "hand holding" experience - meaning coaching by me & working with other like minded people, then join one of my masterminds!

Get In Touch

If this all sounds great, but you still need more, then get in touch. We can chat.


By the way, I also do speaking engagements!  If you want me to come speak at your event, check this out.

Clarity Guide

Here is a guide I put together to help you uncover your why, your niche, match your why to your vision, attract clients and ultimately help you learn how to build a business without all the overwhelm.