Podcast Episode 3: So, What Can a VA do for Me?

Oct 21, 2019

In episode 3 of Clone Yourself, we’re focusing on visualizing our lives with Virtual Assistants because the truth is … VA’s will not only free up your time but also help you to increase your revenue!
See, the thing is when you free up your time you can now focus on the actions that directly relate to bringing in revenue as opposed to time-sucking tedious tasks.

With that, let’s go ahead and first talk about the types of Virtual Assistants.

Types of VA’s

There are 2 main categories of VA’s and I like to think of it as the “workers” and the “visionaries”.

1. General VA (LowLevel) 

They take on the daily tasks and processes that are important for running your business but not necessarily focused on growing it. The tasks that you would delegate to a General VA tend to be technical and repetitive in nature, such as managing your emails or travel schedule, scheduling your appointments, data entry, research, scheduling posts on social media, and so on.

2. The Specialized Virtual Assistant (Mid/High Level)

 A Specialized Virtual Assistant is someone that has a very specific skill set and is better suited for owning and/or overseeing a very specific process in your business. They tend to be more expensive than General VAs because they already have a specialized skill set and will require minimal additional training from you. Tasks such as customer service, bookkeeping, video editing, and project management, for example, are better suited for a Specialized VA.

The 4 Tasks in Your Business
Now that we know the different types of VA’s, we need to look at the four types of tasks in our business so we can begin to separate what we could be doing and what our low to mid/high level VA’s could be doing.

First, there are the tasks you NEED to be doing. These are the high level tasks that you excel in… these are your strengths … what makes your business excel - it’s your secret sauce!

Secondly, there are the tasks that you shouldn’t be doing. These are the time-sucking tedious tasks like rekeying of information.

Third, are the tasks that we just don’t want to do.

And finally, the fourth type of task are the ones that we actually cannot do because we lack the knowledge on how to execute the task (for me this would be video editing).

Make sure to listen to the full podcast for a more in depth overview with examples of what VA’s can actually do for you to grow your business!

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AND remember, you can do this… it will take some upfront work now but your future self will be thanking you! I work less than 4 hours a day and it’s because years ago I did the upfront work to get my VA team in place!

To Shifting Your Mindset About VA’s,
Sam AKA SwagSam


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