Podcast Episode 33: Power of Masterminds with Brandon T. Adams

Jan 02, 2020

The power of a mastermind is something all entrepreneurs and content creators can benefit from and I knew that Brandon T. Adams was the perfect person to demonstrate the value of Masterminds! Brandon says a mastermind is two or more people who come together, collaborate, brainstorm and put their minds together and work together to achieve a goal and “get shit done”.

Brandon states, the first steps if you want to create your own mastermind is to figure out what you want to help people accomplish.   Then you have specific goals and topics per week where you lead with your own knowledge and expertise. What is your niche that you can teach others?  

For Brandon’s first mastermind, he ran a 6 week accelerator program where he charged $1000 per participant.  Participants of the mastermind received of a weekly group call, a weekly 1:1, 30 minute call with Brandon, training and access to a FB group.  It was a huge success!  

He learnt a lot and for his next mastermind, using testimonials to sell the value, he charged $2000! This 30 day mastermind was a huge success (again) and he continued to go from strength to strength, charging more and offering more value each time. 

From his experience, Brandon now believes the best mastermind period is from 3 to 6 months. 

Listen in to hear more from Brandon about his ideas on what makes masterminds such a powerful investment. 

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