Podcast #4: Common Concerns About Working with Virtual Assistants

Oct 25, 2019


Where do I even start?

It’s totally overwhelming to even think about hiring, training and managing a VA when you’re already buried in your to-do list… Hey, I get it. 

But, that’s why you’re here to learn and why I’m here to guide you through this journey!

SO, in this fourth podcast of Clone Yourself, we’re going to address some of the most COMMON CONCERNS about Virtual Assistants…


You know, it really all boils down to trust.

I’m going to fire off a few things I hear all the time…

    • Can I trust them with my passwords?
    • How do I know they’re legit?
    • I don’t know what I can outsource
    • I don’t have time to recruit them
    • I don’t have time to train them
    • I don’t have time to manage them
    • Language barrier
    • Fear of poor quality of work 

All of these thoughts are totally normal! First, let’s talk about passwords…


LastPass. You’ve likely heard of LastPass. LastPass is an online tool for password management and you can even set-up teams. Basically, go to their website - LastPass.com - set-up an account. You might want to start with just a couple passwords to see how it works and if it’ll work for you. But eventually what you’re going to do is setup up a team profile where you would let others use a special link to access your passwords. It doesn’t actually show your passwords. Kinda hard to explain, but check it out. There are plenty of tools and workarounds to get by the password anxiety that some of us feel.

Here are a couple videos that will show you how to set-up LastPass for teams:


To hear the rest of my suggestions on how to overcome these concerns, head on over to Spotify, iTunes or any other pod player to listen to the full podcast!


ACTIONS (Homework)

Ok, are you ready for some homework?!

As always, I have just 3 steps for you to take action…

  1. First, call or text your accountability buddy. I’ve been saying this since the pilot pod, but it is so crucial for your success to have an accountability buddy. Not only does it help you keep yourself accountable but it gives both of you a sense of community. Have a talk with your accountability buddy to see where you’re both at. AND by the way this doesn’t have to be about VA’s or even work for that matter! Just check in with your buddy - that’s it!
  2. Second, have you downloaded your FREE GUIDE on how to work with VA’s yet? If not, head on over to CloneYourselfU.com/3Ways - in this guide I walk you through 3 easy ways to work with a VA. If you’re ready to hire, then this guide has everything you need! AND if not, save it for when you’re ready!
  3. Lastly, have you left a review of the pod yet? Please do, not only does leaving a review help others discover the Clone Yourself podcast but it also helps me cater the content to what you like best. So, please leave a review!


You can do this!
Just breathe - remember you went into business for yourself to stress less :)


Sam AKA SwagSam


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