Podcast Episode 5: The Truth about the ROI of Virtual Assistants and how they will make you money!

Oct 25, 2019

In this episode of the Clone Yourself PODCAST we’re going to talk some numbers! I know everyone’s favorite thing… but seriously, this is important and I know you want to know the actual return on investment. So, with that in mind… check out this “ROI Calculator”. This tool will show you the actual savings behind hiring a VA. No fluff, actual numbers. VA’s can (and will) save you dollars!

Let’s begin by talking about the concept of “letting go”.

Letting Go

I was recently at a conference and heard the speaker said, “You need to LET GO, so that You can GET GOING”.

WOW, did this speak to me!

Think about it, you can take this motto to your relationships just as much as your business. But, we’re here to talk about business so with that in mind let’s talk some biz….

How much time are you actually spending on these tedious tasks? You know the ones I’m talking about. The rekeying of information, the tireless and robot like things that we need to do IN our business.

These are the perfect tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant and the reason is because they don’t have a huge learning curve because they’re fairly easy to learn AND TO TEACH!

SO, this sounds good in theory. You’re probably nodding your head and saying something like “Yes, I need to do that”! 

But, just in case you aren’t there yet, let’s talk about the RETURN ON INVESTMENT because hey numbers are real money.


But, First Let’s Calculate Your Target Hourly Rate...

Some will teach an advanced formula such as…

    • Looking at your monthly (OR ANNUAL) income goal then dividing it by the number of hours you need to work for that period of time.
    • For example: $200,000 (annual income goal) divided by 2,000 (# of work hours) equals $100 per hour … BY THE WAY… 2,000 hours is based on working 40 hours a week. So, take this example with a grain of salt because the goal is really to work 4 hours a day or less. But, remember we need to put in the work up front to get to that point.


NOW, that we see our time truly is worth $100 per hour … WE need to realize that every task in our business has an approximate dollar value

WHICH MEANS, we need to be extremely mindful of where we spend our time!

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NOW, before I let you go… it’s time for some homework!


ACTIONS (Homework)

First, I have two options for you…

  1. You can download my time audit worksheet 


  1. You can skip it and go directly to the divide and conquer or skills/thrills worksheet. You can find these at CloneYourselfU.com/ROI



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