What is a VA Anyway?

Oct 10, 2019

What is a VA?

Well, first off - we should be saying "who" is a VA, not "what"...
By definition, a Virtual Assistant is someone who works with you virtually. Virtual Assistants (VA’s) are not employees. I like to say, think of VA’s as specialists.

I love VA's!
What an amazing time to be alive. Email has us connected like never before - we can work literally anywhere in the world (depending on your actual job function of course). These days no matter what industry you are in, you’re employees can support you virtually. See, here’s the thing - employees can do financing, marketing, customer service, and sales (just to name a few roles) virtually from anywhere in the world.

In a sense, it's just outsourcing any specific task to a freelancer. No matter why you’re looking to extend your team and what roles you’re looking to fill; VA’s can help!

VA's work remotely and you'll surely be able to find a VA that can help you!

Here’s What I call The Employee Dilemma 

Employees usually get asked to help with tasks outside of what their job description actually entails. Oftentimes this is due to the ebb and flow of business. It's natural, sometimes business is booming and other times business is slow. When business is slower, we need to find a way to fill our employee's time to justify their salary. This is what I call the employee dilemma.

NOW Imagine... 

Jane is your go-to Account Manager and she's amazing at everything she touches. We're just entering Summer and Jane is finding that she has a lot more free time on her hands at work since her clients and prospects are in and out of the office with summer travels. Well, you figure now might be the time to up your social media game. 

So, what do you do? You ask Jane to take some webinars to learn how your business can begin prospecting on LinkedIn.

Now, all of a sudden you're paying Jane to get an education and for her to learn by trial and error. There's nothing wrong with this scenario as it’s important to help your employees grow.

BUT, if you could still have Jane's position and have a Digital Marketer position to build your pipeline ... AND save money? Is that something that would interest you?

OF COURSE it would!

Here's how scenario 2 would look...

VA 1 is your account manager and VA 2 is your digital marketer. You know longer have to find tasks for VA 1 to complete during the busy time. See, VA's don't have pre-determined hours like employees.

Your VA('s) might work once a week for a total of 5 hours or they might work 3 days a week / 5 hours a day. It's totally up to you!

So, with VA's you know exactly how much you're paying your team and you are paying for SPECIALISTS to complete a specific task!

In other words, you're SAVING real money and getting a specialist to work on your tasks rather than a jack-of-all-trades.

This is the true value of VA's.

Are You Ready?

If you want to work ON your business and not IN your business then VA’s are for you.

If you feel like you’re juggling so many tasks that you can’t even think straight, then VA’s are for you.

If you want to expand into new areas that you haven’t gone before (think content creation like podcasting, blogging, videos, or even writing a book), then VA’s are for you.

Not sure how to get started?
No worries!

I put together a FREE guide to get you up-and-running in no time! You can access it by clicking the link HERE. 

To Getting Your Time Back,
Sam AKA SwagSam


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